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Argostoli - White Rocks - Zeus Islet - Agio Thomas - Ai Helis - Argostoli...
EUR 0.00
1 Days
Departure from Argostol - Platia Ammos or Petanous Beach - Fteri beach - Porto Atheras - return to A...
EUR 0.00
1 Days
Departure from Argostoli - Navagio Beach at Zante - The Blue Caves of Zante - Agios Nikolas or Agios...
EUR 0.00
1 Days
Departure from Argostoli - Platia Ammos - Xi Beach - White rocks or Spasmata - return to Argostoli....
Platia Ammos
EUR 0.00
1 Days
Departure from Argostoli - White Rocks Beach - Zeus Islet or Spartia beach - Agios Thomas - Ai heli...
EUR 0.00
1 Days

About Poseidon

One of the most beautifull islans of Ionian Pelagos. Exotic beaches and crytal clean waters. Too close to heave to be true?

Let 's find out together! We will take you around the island to explore and escape. To fell free and relax. Enjoy the ride. Don't miss it!

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Office: Kefallinon 17 ave
Boat: Port of Argostoli

+30 6942250170



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