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Cruise Navagio


  1. Departure from the city of Argostoli.
  2. First stop: Navagio Beach at Zante for swimming, snacks and refreshments.
  3. Second stop: The Blue Caves of Zante for swimming and snorkeling.
  4. Last stop: Agios Nikolas or Agios Thomas at Karavados for lunch.
  5. Return to Argostoli.

Cruise Sights


The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the five or six most photographed beaches of all Greece.  Accessible only by sea, it gives you the idea of hugeness and perfection. It consists of millions of small pebbles with the blue shades of the sea as far as the eye can see, it results unique in its gender and the relict looks like if it was made by an artist.  Arriving by the sea, the tall lateral walls hide the island till the last minute when out of the blue you get a complete view of the bay. Waters around Navagio often have electric light blue color because of the numerous sulphurous caves around the beach and when the sea is rising a large quantity of sulfur radiates, giving the possibility of taking beautiful pictures. 

Agios Nikolaos

The deep clear waters of the little bay of Agios Nikolaos is ideal for swimming.
The area of Saint Nicholas Volimon is not particularly well developed mainly because of the large distance from the center of the island. The port of the bay hosts the fishing boats in the area, and the boats that do tours of the Blue Caves and Shipwreck Volimon, preferred by vacationers who visit the island by boat, and from there, a small ferryboat connecting Zakynthos with Kefalonia. Even on the main promenade there are several taverns and cafes. Opposite is the small uninhabited islet of St. Nicholas.

Blue Caves

In the northern side of the island, in the Eastern coast of cape Skinari, in the area of Aspros Vrahos, the Blue Caves of Volimes are located. The intense light blue colour of the waters that takes anything is sunk in, gave this name to the caves.
The Largest of all is the Kyanon Spilaio.

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